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Welcome to National Group PM, your reliable partner for expert property management solutions. We believe in delivering the excellence and ensuring that your investments are maximized at their fullest potential; thus we offer a broad range of services to meet the specific demands of each client. That is from tenant screening and placement, collection of rent, maintenance up to 24-hour property emergencies response service; every part of the property administration is handled meticulously and with utmost care. Our experienced team combines industry expertise with personal attention to provide smooth operations and above average customer satisfaction. If you are a landlord looking for competent management or a tenant who wants to find his/her next home, then our organization can help you through this process effortlessly yet rewarding experience. Discover why many clients trust us as their number one choice in property management by contacting National Group Property Management today.


We understand that property ownership is complex hence we offer extensive landlord services to simplify and enhance returns. From rigorous tenant screening to efficient rent collection and detailed financial reporting, our experts handle everything regarding property management with utmost professionalism. Through a proactive approach, your properties are kept in good shape, tenants are happy, and return on investment is optimized. Count on us as your committed companion in the administration of rental properties for you to have tranquility while focusing on what matters most to you

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The Exclusive and Premium Property Management Partner for you

Everything from tenant selection and rent collection, all the way to property maintenance, we are sure to find an option that best meets your property needs and goals! At National Group Property Management, your prosperity is ours.

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We are a company that emphasizes on the tenant’s happiness and endeavor to offer a rental experience that is smooth. We are dedicated to helping you with the lease, responding quickly to your maintenance problems and maintaining effective communication channels. In order to meet your demands and surpass your expectations, we are totally committed to this course. We work day and night just so that we can provide you with peaceful surroundings and a safe place in which you can live in; our care team will be there for you all the way. So when it comes time to find another rental home or if you have already found one near us, depend on us for excellent tenant services as well as making renting from ourselves or our landlords enjoyable part of life.

  • Conduct Showing
  • Assistance with leasing process
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Simplified payment process
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance support
  • Property Inspection
  • Lease renewals
  • Move-in/out process
  • Move-in Inspection
  • Key Delivery & Deposit



We understand the importance of maintaining your property to the highest standards. Our maintenance staff is devoted and will ensure that your home remains at its best conditions both internally and externally. This cover all aspects of property management from routine inspection, pre-emptive repairs to 24/7 emergency support. It could be about fixing a tap, doing a seasonal clean up or tackling unforeseen eventualities; we can be trusted with this responsibility because we ensure safety, suitability and attractiveness to tenants and visitors alike. Trust us for dependable maintenance solutions that protect your investments while enhancing satisfaction among occupants.

  • Property inspection and maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Appliance Repair
  • Lawn Care
  • Snow Services
  • Renovations Services


Buying and Selling Your Property

Seek the services of professionals from National Group PM for excellent real estate solutions such as home buying and selling. The experienced team is always there to provide personalized help at every stage of a real estate transaction. Our tailored solutions are available for first-time buyers, seasoned investors and those planning to sell their properties in order to meet your specific needs and achieve desired goals.

Home Renovations with Financing Options available

Elevate the value of your property and attract high-quality tenants with our comprehensive home renovation services. Our specialty is to make rentals more beautiful and functional by remodeling both inside and outside which may involve kitchen or bathroom upgrades, putting floors, painting, woodwork, plumbing, electricals, etc. We seek to make your property attractive to tenants through strategic renovations that maximize its potential and enable you to ask for higher rents. With our help you can transform your property into a desirable place for renters that will ensure high tenant satisfaction, occupancy rates and long term stay. Get in touch with us today so as we let you know how our renovation skills could raise the market worth of your house making it a choice home for better tenants.

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Cristina Kaur
    Cristina Kaur

    Property Owner

    National Group PPM is the real deal. We had 4 vacant properties and after reaching out to NGPM, they found tenants to occupy our units!

    Dale Gunthar
      Dale Gunthar

      Property Owner

      After buying my first rental property I didn't realize the responsibility that came with managing it. My friends at National Group PM took care of the entire process!

      Jeffrey Chow
        Jeffrey Chow

        Property Owner

        As a foreign investor, the team at National Group PM helped me make my investment generate a return by handling rent collection and all the admin tasks. Would definitely recommend!

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